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The LANAP® Procedure in Sion and Turtmann, Switzerland

(Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)



Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

While it easy to ignore the earlier symptoms of a periodontal infection, gum disease treatment should not be postponed or ignored for any reason. New solutions, such as the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), offer a minimally invasive and more convenient alternative to traditional gum disease treatment. This is great news for those who fear painful and extensive operations. Here is a brief description of how laser gum surgery for Lausanne patients performed by The Doctors of VSDental can eliminate as much as 90 percent of inflammation after a single treatment:

Measuring Periodontal Pockets

The first step of LANAP® is to measure the depth of your periodontal pockets. This will give us some insight into the severity of the infection and allow us to adjust treatment accordingly.

Removing the Infection

Next, we use the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to eliminate bacteria from underneath the gum line and remove any diseased tissue that remains. Unlike traditional gum disease treatment, LANAP® does not use a blade or remove any healthy gum tissue. This makes LANAP® a minimally invasive, as well as minimally painful, solution to treating gum disease.

Removing Deposits of Calculus

Calculus deposits form when plaque collects and hardens around the gum line. Since the laser itself can only help to denature these deposits and not eliminate them completely, we will need to use ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus.

Restoring Damaged Areas

After any calculus deposits have been removed, it is time to restore the areas that have been damaged by gum disease. Using the Periolase®MVP-7™, we can stimulate regrowth of underlying bone and tissue structures and help preserve teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted. This makes LANAP® a healthy and predictable form of gum disease treatment.

Recompressing Tissue

The next step is to recompress the tissue against the surface of your teeth. This step does not require sutures.

Examining Teeth

Finally, we will examine your bite to ensure that your teeth meet together properly following your gum disease treatment. This is especially important if you have sustained bone loss in any portions of your jaw.

For more information about laser gum surgery for Lausanne patients, contact The Doctors of VSDental to schedule your consultation today!

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