Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Sion and Turtmann, Switzerland
Periodontal plastic surgery is a term used to describe a number of procedures that are performed on the gums to enhance the health and beauty of your smile. In some cases, it may also be referred to as gum recession treatment. Many patients who have suffered from a receding gum line feel unhappy and lack confidence in the appearance of their smile. Periodontal plastic surgery can fix this by repairing the gum line and bringing it to a healthier and more attractive level. In the other direction, we may at times have too much gum tissue. Certain conditions may necessitate the removal of this excess tissue and require procedures known as crown lengthening. Visit the VSDental dental center in Sion and Crans-Montana to learn more details about crown lengthening procedures and gum recession treatment.

Crown Lengthening Procedures

Crown lengthening is a type of periodontal plastic surgery that may be required based on either esthetic or functional needs. With these types of treatments, The Doctors of VSDental will remove any excess gum tissue or even bone tissue to increase the exposure of your teeth. At times, there may be a need to expose more of a tooth that has broken beneath the gum line so that it can be properly restored.

In addition to several cosmetic benefits, there are also a number of oral health advantages to this type of periodontal plastic surgery. By eliminating excess tissue along the gum line, the risk of a periodontal infection can be kept to a minimum. It is also possible to help prevent tooth decay by decreasing periodontal pocket depths and reducing the amount of bacteria below the gum line.

Gum Recession Treatment

When the gums recede, the roots of your teeth become exposed. Gum recession can place you more at risk of temperature sensitivities, root surface cavities, and an overall unhealthy appearance of your smile. With this treatment, gum tissue is taken from either the patient or a synthetic source and grafted onto the area in need. Although it is possible to perform gum recession treatment on just one tooth, it is often used on multiple teeth.

To learn more about the types of periodontal plastic surgery, contact a VSDental dental center in Sion and Crans-Montana to schedule your consultation today!

Treatment of Periodontically Involved Gummy Smile

Initial situation with spacing between the central incisors
Orthodontic therapy allowed closing of the gap
Initial Smile showing gingival tissue.
Surgery allows us to correct the gingival level and to correct the periodontal health problems.


Small Anterior Teeth

Small incisors and canines leave unaesthetic spaces and prevent the patient to smile. Note the flattened shape of the gums.
Surgery allows us to modify the gingival shape and to build more “natural-looking” teeth.
Smiling is often a matter of hiding what you don’t want to show…
Aesthetic change brings your confidence back!


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