Immediate Load Dental Implants in Sion and Turtmann, Switzerland
With the constant stream of new dental technologies, innovations are being utilized in practice on a daily basis. Immediate load dental implants in Sion are one of the most recent developments in tooth replacement. This is a great option for patients who want the benefits of dental implants but are unable to undergo a traditional dental implants procedure. With immediate load dental implants, there is no need for multiple appointments or extended healing periods. You can walk in and out of the VSDental offices with brand new prosthetic teeth in just one visit!

How do immediate load dental implants work?

With immediate load implants, the dental implants procedure is relatively quick and simple. Traditional dental implants often require more than one surgery and need plenty of time to heal. Once the implant has been placed in the jaw, a period of three to six months is required for healing to take place. Another surgery is then needed to attach the abutment and crown pieces to the implant. For some patients, this lengthy dental implants procedure can be much too stressful.

However, immediate load implants solve these issues. There is no need for multiple office visits or lengthy healing times. Instead, we can give you a fully functioning restoration piece in just one visit! By using computers and x-rays, we are able to place the implants in such a precise manner that they do not need to undergo the healing process before becoming functional. Once the dental implants procedure is complete, you will be able to leave our office with brand new, fully functioning prosthetics.

Am I candidate for immediate load dental implants?

The immediate load dental implants procedure may not be beneficial for everyone. To determine if you are a candidate for immediate load dental implants in Sion, contact the offices of VSDental and schedule your consultation today!

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