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Traditional vs Accelerated Orthodontics in Sion and Turtmann, Switzerland
At VSDental, we know that many patients need to wear braces at some point in their life. We also know that the teeth straightening process can typically take up to two years or longer. Most children, let alone adults, do not want to wear braces for this long. Fortunately, new technology brings us accelerated orthodontics. With this new treatment, the amount of time spent in braces can be as little as four times shorter. Accelerated orthodontics alters the bone structure of the jaw to increase the speed of the teeth straightening process. To help you understand how this new treatment works, here is information regarding a few of the differences between traditional and accelerated orthodontics in Sion:

The Amount of Time Spent in Braces

With traditional orthodontics, the teeth straightening process is extended because of the massive bone structure that surrounds the teeth and impedes movement. By applying continual force to the teeth, traditional braces are able to slowly move them into their ideal positions. However, with accelerated orthodontics, the focus is not only on applying pressure to the teeth, but manipulating the jaw bone as well. By removing a small amount of bone from the jaw and allowing it to regenerate, it is possible to move teeth much quicker through this altered bone mass. This is how accelerated orthodontics is able to speed up the teeth straightening process and minimize the amount of time spent in braces.

Risk of Post Orthodontic Relapse

Accelerated orthodontics also result in greater post orthodontic stability. With this method, the jaw bone reforms around the teeth to hold them in place more securely. Following traditional orthodontics, the risk of your teeth moving back into incorrect positions is much greater.

The Cost of Treatment

There is very little difference in the cost of traditional and accelerated orthodontic treatments. In most cases, the cost is about the same. Although the teeth straightening process is much faster with accelerated orthodontics, it requires the attention of several doctors as opposed to one. To learn more about accelerated orthodontics in Sion, contact VSDental and schedule your consultation today!

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