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Frequently Asked Questions
We will ask you about your prior medical records to identify any conditions that may affect your oral health or treatment that we offer you. We also want to know all the medications you take and any known allergies. A complete oral and periodontal examination will then be performed: The mobility of your teeth, the state of your restorations, the condition of your gums, how your upper teeth overlap with the lower teeth (occlusion), the state of your dentures will be monitored, as well as the soft tissues inside the mouth. Radiographs of your whole mouth or of specific areas will also be conducted in order to assess the presence of cavities, pathologies of your decayed teeth and the degree of bone loss. A preliminary diagnosis will then be given and, if possible, treatment options that can be offered. However, depending on the complexity of your problem, impressions may also be performed during this first session. We will then show you a week later what we can to improve your comfort and aesthetics.

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