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Avant et après traitement

Deep Caries on the Anterior Teeth

Advanced Caries Destruction 
Function and Aesthetics Have Been Destroyed
Restoration of Healthy Function and aesthetics 
A New Smile

Deep Caries on the Posterior Teeth

Caries Led to Massive Destruction 
Upper Teeth Had to be Extracted. Loss of Masticatory Function.
Left Side of the Same Patient Before Therapy.
The Function is Restored.

Function and Aesthetics Have Been Restored!


Moderate Periodontitis Treated by Scaling and Root Planing

Heavy Inflammation on the Right Side 
   After Therapy, the Gums are Healthy, Inflammation is Gone.


  Same Patient, Left Side Before Therapy; Swollen Gums, Easy Bleeding


Healthy Tissues After Therapy. But the Gums Have Recessed Leaving Spaces Between the Teeth.


The Same Therapy on the Same Patient’s Anterior Teeth

Initial Situation with Heavy Inflammation Around the Front Teeth. 
After Therapy, Inflammation is Gone. Gums are Healthy but Leave the Patient With An Unpleasant Aesthetic Outlook.
Prosthetic Rehabilitation (with crowns) Allows Us to Stabilize the Situation and Correct the Visual Aspect.


Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors

After orthodontic therapy, sufficient spaces have been created to replace the missing teeth.
Implant placement avoids damage to the neighbor teeth.
A natural shape was recreated around the new crowns.


Fractured Central Incisor

Right central incisor (old crown). Please note the different gum shape around both central incisors. 
Orthodontic therapy allowed tissue augmentation before implant placement.
Implant and its abutment in place.
Final aspect of the restoration. Tissues look natural.
Smile is recovered!


Loss of Posterior Teeth Because of Periodontitis

Implants with their abutments will support a fixed prosthesis 
Masticatory function is re-established without a removable denture despite several missing teeth.

Loss of Posterior Teeth Following an Accident

Loss of smile symmetry to hide the left side.
Following the wearing of a removable prosthesis for 18 years, the bone volume has been reduced
Loss of masticatory function on the posterior left side.
Implants and the fixed prosthesis recreate the function and the aesthetics.
The smile recovers the original symmetrical aspect.


Complete Tooth Loss After Periodontitis

Adequate and well distributed number of implants.
A fixed (screwed) prosthesis replace the old plate.
Heavy bone and gum loss was compensated with pink porcelain. Easily manageable spaces were created.
Smile aesthetics is restored.



Treatment of Periodontically Involved Gummy Smile

Initial situation with spacing between the central incisors
Orthodontic therapy allowed closing of the gap
Initial Smile showing gingival tissue.
Surgery allows us to correct the gingival level and to correct the periodontal health problems.


Small Anterior Teeth

Small incisors and canines leave unaesthetic spaces and prevent the patient to smile. Note the flattened shape of the gums.
Surgery allows us to modify the gingival shape and to build more « natural-looking » teeth.
Smiling is often a matter of hiding what you don’t want to show…
Aesthetic change brings your confidence back!



Advanced Periodontitis with Loss of the Anterior Teeth

Advancing bone loss leading to the loss of the anterior teeth and to gum recession. 
Periodontal therapy and a gingival graft give the illusion of presence of teeth. Crowns are easily cleanable in a healthy environment. 


Advanced Periodontitis with Flaring of the Anterior Teeth and Loss of the Gingival Shape

Anterior teeth are flaring. Gums are flattened.
Orthodontics and periodontal surgeries allowed and aesthetic restoration in a healthy environment.
Patient’s smile uncovers the gums and doesn’t hide the dental deformations.
Periodontal surgeries and orthodontics have corrected the height of the smile line and given normal proportions to the teeth. 



Root Coverage on a Canine

Situation before the
6 Months After


Bilateral Multiple Recessions

Left Side Before 
Left Side After
Right Side Before. Note important tooth erosions.
Right Side After


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